Arduino C programming tutorials

Hello everybody, I have just created a blog so I have some place to put my tutorials about programming arduinos boards using plain C and AvrStudio, I still have to translate then as I have wrote then originally in portuguese in the forum.
Thake a look and say something :wink:


You have read my mind. I’ve been thinking about avrstudio for a while, and how to use the chips beyond the arduion environment. I just subscribed to your blog (what’s that mean?). I’ll be reading your complete post later today.

Can I inquire your experience with arduino IDE and avrstudio? I only know arduino. My C and asm background will hopefully help me with stepping up into avrstudio world. Can I still use some Arduino functions and libraries?

I have not tried using the Arduino libs, but there are good libs for AvrStudio, like this ones:
This link is better:

But for simple use of Serial, Adc and the like some little functions are enought and up to the job, I will maybe take another 2 weeks before I have time to translate the usart and adc tutorials.
Its simple to use, having the datasheet of the atmega328p open helps a lot as its a pretty complete file and its easy to read it.
This is another post that gets a strange sounding english, sorry :-[

This is another post that gets a strange sounding english, sorry

Actually, you were doing quite well until you decided to apologize :slight_smile:

Your English is better than many Americans’, with no sign of the native-language constructs that often show up in the writings of people who learned English as a second or third language. Except for the “gets a strange sounding english”, which isn’t a standard idiom.

Instead of apologizing to us, you should be bragging to your friends.

Great job. I’ve been wanting to move over to AVR studio lately and you do a really good job of explaining the steps. Lookin’ forward to your next tutorial ;D

I have just released part2, about USART/serial comm.