Arduino code for quarter bridge strain gauge.

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We are currently working on a project which requires strain data for linear elongation. As far as we searched on the internet, the proper strain gauge we should use is type-1 quarter bridge. We found a circuit of strain gauge with arduino in this site as follows HX711 and a single strain gauge - Apps & Software - RobotShop Community . We now need a code that provides strain data continuously if possible.

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Google "hx711 arduino example code".

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Since we have limitations because of the covid-19, we are constructing our cruciform test setup(tensile stress machine) all with software, we are required to present a oneshot circuit and code to our professors that would work as intended. So that we are not able to test things since we dont have access to these hardware.

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Take the advice given in post#1, and look at the article you have linked, it gives sample code?

Can you please tell us your electronics, programming, arduino, hardware experience?

How is it proposed you present your project ALL in software, do you have access to an Arduino simulator?

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Thanks for fast answer and sorry for mistakes i did. As mechanical engineers, in our education program, our experience with electronics,arduino and hardware is kind of the level we can do knight rider at the moment with circuits and codes. We occasionally used sensors in our mechatronics lab but it was kind of following the instructions we were given. We never used HX711 with any of the lab runs. We now are obliged to present a circuit diagram with HX711,a single strain gauge for linear strain data(preferrably quarter bridge whetstone) and arduino uno. The example circuit link in my initial post is working all right as i understand but we are having a hard time understanding HX711 library as we dont have hardware to practice due to covid limitations in our country and we are expected to provide to our professors a working code. We are conducting our "tensile test machine project" all based on CAD programs and ANSYS. After our literature survey we only could find an article that uses quarter bridge strain gauge for strain measuring but there is no code in the article we can work with so this forum is kind of our last hope. We would love to practice and learn how to work with HX711 but as i said we dont have access to the hardware at the moment.

You can’t provide working code without testing it in hardware as you won’t no what bugs it has without testing

The example provided in the HX711 library is your best starting position and will give you an output signal you can work with . You could write some code from that , or at least a flow diagram .

But... we don't have access to hardware :frowning:

One of great things about the whole Arduino ununiverse is that you can get many of the parts cheap.

As you know. The example might work.
You can put together a sketch and hope.

But aor actual learning getting the parts would be a small in investment in money and a huge investment in your knowledge