Arduino Coding for a Billboard project

Hello everyone,

( Note : I am new in this forum)

I require help with Arduino Coding for my billboard project. I am currently designing a billboard and for the ads to display on the screen, I am implementing an Arduino system with my DC gear Motor. The billboard will start to operate from 6a.m to 10Pm everyday.

Note that my DC gear motor is 12Volt. A laser receiver sensor of 5V will be used to stop the motor for 5 seconds.

There will be 5 advertising ads and each of them consist of a small hole at the top corner. When the ad will rotate, the laser will pass through the hole, then to the receiver to stop the motor for 5 seconds.

Clockwise motion:
First ad is already displayed on the screen and waits for 5 seconds. Then it rotate until 2nd ad is displayed and waits for 5 seconds. Same for the 3rd and 4th ad till the 5th appears on the display

Anticlockwise motion.
The 5th add now rotates and wait for 5 seconds. Same goes for the 4th, 3rd, 2nd an2 1st add. In between waiting for 5 seconds.

A potentiometer need to be used to control the speed of the motor.

Grateful if anyone could guide me regarding the coding. Thanks

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