Arduino Connections to Database without Sql

Hi guys I'm reading an article about passing the Arduino data to a PHP but I found that

"Pushing data can be a little trickier so I will present some possible approaches to do just this.

First we would need a “receiving” party, a server like application that is ready and capable of receiving data."

My question is: Is it possible to transfer the data from Arduino to display in PHP localhost without accessing the MySQL server ? I'm referring to Arduino passing the data to PHP and Html and not inserted in MySQL database.

Please guide me thanks .

If you are sending the data from the arduino to your local host, you are using HTTP and either a GET or a POST to do it. The arduino can hit your website just like your browser... Google will give to lots of examples/help

A common technique is to have a PHP page that the Arduino sends data to using an HTTP GET request. A second page lets you view that data, often with many previous readings too.

It's common for the server to store that data in a SQL database, but it isn't required. You can store it in a NoSQL db, a text file or just keep it in RAM if you prefer. Whichever you choose for storage, the Arduino doesn't have to know about it at all.

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