Arduino contolled electromagnet

Hi guys, I am working on my school project and got stuck somehow. I am using Solenoid: JF-0826B - 6V2A one. I was following this youtube tutorial but my version doesnt seem to be working. I have added a scheme. I have tried variation with button, where if I press button solenoid works but if I try to connect the Arduino pin it just doesnt move. All I can hear is sound that external source makes when code executes. My external source is 12V ACDC adapter with 2Amps. I have also tried car battery charger with Amps up to 10 but still got just something under 2Amp and solenoid didnt move.

You have not told us whether the 6 volt solenoid has burned out when you have been operating it with 12 volts? Does it still function?

Where’s your code (in code tags) ?

yes it works just fine

dunno whats code tags, i suppose its this

#include "Arduino.h"
#define SOLENOID 13

void initializeSolenoid(){

void triggerSolenoid(){

Does your 12 volt supply ground connect to the other grounds shown on your schematic?

Well now, do you realise that a 6 V 2 A solenoid when connected to 12 V will (attempt to) draw 4 Amps and overheat as it would be drawing four times the nominal power?

You have a fuse in a very peculiar - wrong - place. It should be in the 12 V supply line.

You do not supply 5 V to "Vin". I would advise you never to use "Vin" or the "barrel jack". Either power it by the USB port or supply regulated 5 V to the "5V" pin as long as it is not connected to a PC via the USB.

While it is minor, the 10k should connect to the Arduino pin, not the FET gate.

I fear i cannot find any other connections to be wrong as there are basically, no other connections. Well, the ground is right! :grin:

It should according to the blue notation on the schematic.

The new(?) forum software removes the link to the original source of the schematic. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Well that sounds like lot of stuff to fix. As I said, I tried to build this with mentioned YT tutorial, so the scheme is not mine. This is my first time working with external source and Arduino. I would try to recreate this with your suggestions :slight_smile:

Youtube and Instructables are among the worst places to look for tutorials. Most are put together by people who have little idea what they are doing.

well, noted

The 3A fuse should have burned out.

I thought not.

Just as well, as it would tag you as the idiot! :rofl:

So, anyone willing to share their knowledge on how to build this properly? Or do I close the thread.
Scheme or some steps would be great :slight_smile:

Don't know.

You don't seem to have explained that you have done anything as a result of matters explained. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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