Arduino controlled front door lock

Lots of people done door lock arduino projects. But I' am looking for a front door lock that can turn electronicly and have a cilinder lock for normal key's. I found one lock from "Lips" This lock can be turned by normal keys, but can also turn electonicly. And detect the status of the lock. Perfect for external solutions like the Arduino. Only problem is, this lock cost $ 2100,-! An alternative is using a replacement strike plate like this one. But this isn't a verry nice solution. And also does not detect if a door is locked.

Does anyone know of a lock with cilinder that can be controlled with an arduino?

A Google search turned up the LockState LS-6600 Keyless Digital Door Lock, which costs around $130. It has a key override. I don't know if the keyboard and latch mechanism would be suitable for hacking or not.

Thanks for your search. But this is not what I'am looking for. I do not want an intelligent system. I want a lock, and using my own cilinders for key, but a simple electromachanical thing inside to turn the lock. No program memmory or keybad. Just 4 or so pins to activate lock, unlock and detect if it's locked or unlocked. I don't want a complete system I need to hack.

What about using a strike lock plate ( like in your second link ) and adding a sensor of some kind that detects the doors position ( open / closed ). Maybe something mounted in the frame that detects a signal (IR ?) bouncing off a small reflector on the edge of the door - that way no wires going to the moving door.

I have 2 similar strike plates on external gates and they are super reliable and very durable.

Well, here's a company that makes electric versions of commercial locksets:

Looks like they only do Best and Schalage interchangeable core locks. Maybe one of those will work.

Thanks for you information,

I may go for a strikeplate than, but with a sensor to detect if the night lock is on or not. Maybe an IR sensor, or somekind of reed sensor.

Do all those strike plates make a loud buzzing sound? I like quet ones, what do I need to look for than? What sounds does your strikeplates make?

Mine are 12v strike plates and do not buzz, but do make a clicking sound ( kind of like a small solenoid ) when activated ( 500ms signal to unlock ).

The part of the strike plate that moves when released, also has a strong internal spring, so that also makes quite a noticable click when the gate is opened.

You may want to visit a home security supply showroom to see / hear some in operation.