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I am a high school teacher and teaching Arduino with my students through E-learning. We are just starting and using Arduino Create. Students are having problems connecting to their Arduino Uno boards via USB (see attached screenshots) to their school issued Chromebook. Any ideas on what is causing this and how to solve it?

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Connecting the arduinos to what ?
Tablets, computers, phones, apple, android, windows ?
Their very own devices or school devices ?
USB 1, USB 2 or USB 3 ?

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This seems to only be an issue with their school issued Chromebook. When I plug it in to my teacher’s school issued laptop the Arduino board connects via USB with no problems (see attached). Any ideas on how to fix the issue with connection via USB on their Chromebook?

It may be a policy / restriction set by your IT department.
That said I have put the issue upstairs to see if they have anything to add.


Thank you for the input! We do pay for / subscribe to the Arduino Create App for Education. I have our IT department looking at it as well.

I do not think this problem is limited to a restriction set up on school chromebooks. My children and I were working on personal chromebooks and a couple of weeks ago our arduinos connected through the USB with no problem. We uploaded several programs. We tried again today and the Arduino is not seen by the chromebook. I have read elsewhere that a recent update to the Chrome OS may be causing the problem. We are stuck and unable to upload. Please advise.


I will push this upstairs ready for them to look at in the morning.


Hi @amynoble00,
there's a regression bug introduced in Chrome OS 85. The current stable Chrome OS version 85.0.4183.83 is affected.
The issue is caused by the Chrome OS serial API (chrome.serial.getDevices()) that the Arduino ChromeApp uses to list the devices connected to the serial port.
The Chromium team released a fix in the Chrome OS version 86.0.4210.2, currently sitting in the beta channel and scheduled to be released as stable in Oct 6.


Thank you for the info! I was able to update to the current Chrome OS beta version and now all of our Chromebooks are able to find the Arduino and port. Fixed. Thanks ballscrewbob and smellai!

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We have released an update on the app that fixes the error caused by Chrome OS on most of the boards.
Download the latest version of the app to test it out.

Please let us know if you have an official Arduino board that is still not being detected by contacting us here.

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