Arduino deleted all my work directories and pdf filesss

Hello. I'm in a trouble all my work directories specified for Arduino are deleted. They are in a folder in the C drive. The folder is kept but all folders in are disappeared including pdf files?

Did you look in the recycle bin?

Isn’t it a good thing that we all do regular backups.

yes. Not there

I never thought this would happened . So much work gone.

You might have an infection, time to do a backup for your other files.

Not there. Also I scanned the HD looking for *.ino files. Nothing there.

Expect disks to fail.

Arduino deleted all my work directories

How do you know that ?

I used EASUS to recover any deleted folders and files and I recovered them. Now what should I do next. How come only Arduino work directory it's contents are deleted, but other directories sharing the same parent directory nothing happened to them?

No idea.

The problem you described was;

Arduino deleted all my work directories and pdf filesss

It makes no sense that the Arduino IDE would search through your system and delete all the PDF files.

I assume this is a window machine:

How did you scan the HD?

I would suggest you try this:

MS System File Checker

Using Windows explorer. I found someone posted the same thing happened to him. For me, I save Arduino work folder as well as the pdf file associated with like this \Arduino_work\work_n*.ino *.pdf. So all work_n folders are deleted.

So you are still without your work files?

If they are not on the disk and not in the recycle bin then either you HD / SSD is bad or something did a "delete and bypass recycle bin"

I still suggest you run the scan I linked you to.

"Arduino" probably did not delete any of your files.

Most likely you made a mistake, like all the rest of us have, at one time or another.

EaseUSData recovery recovered some pdf files, but I couldn't open most of them, as well as some folders that are recovered but are empty. I'm sure I didn't delete any file or folder. Yesterday I visited this Chinese web site for ESP32 and copied some Arduino codes. I noticed there is an intelligent embedded in it. The website was opened while I was working on Arduino.



Could you explain in more detail exactly what "work directories" were deleted, and which version/implementation of Arduino you were using?

Just now, I opened the sketch, I posted a code, then I save it. I compiled. While the compiler is running I got this error message.

Do a chkdsk on that drive, choose to save lost fragments.
Then get HDSentinel and test with it.

Also, make sure the cables are firmly attached.