Arduino Dice Game

The last new exhibit of mine at the U.K. Maker Fair was the Dice Game - a game of skill (no luck involved) that revolved around the physical process of sensing which way up a dice was sitting in a small recessed hole.
The full write up, software, schematics and this time Gcode files can be found here:-
It also provides a link to this video:-


Wow, very nice work as always Mike. Looks cool.

Original solution for detecting orientation of the dice :). Did you try any other solutions or did you settle for the Hall sensor right away?

I am wondering if it would be possible to detect orientation of a dice with a few photoresistors/LEDs since most dices (at least in the Netherlands) are white with black dots.

Thanks. I didn't try anything else first. Yes it should be possible to do it with light. Maybe reflective opto switches would work.

Neat project as always and nice shirt :)

nice shirt

Christmas present from the wife. XD She tries occasionally to battle my sartorially challengedness.

My dice game just got a review:-

Congrats on making sparkfun's front page (don't know if your a fan of them, but still)!

Grumpy_Mike: My dice game just got a review:-

I suggested your project to them so I hope you like their attention ;). Nice to see that they pick up tips.

I suggested your project to them

The hit counter on the video jumped up to just under 2000 in less than a day, so that’s the amount of coverage it got.


Have you had any other ideas to detect the dice position without hall effect sensor or optical led/photoresistors?


You could do it by embedding six of those very small RFID devices in the dice, the type that are meant to be injected into pets. Also a simply laminated RFID would also do as these are very thin.
You could mount a camera under the dice but that would involve a low resolution video input.