Arduino Drum Pad - 1 Beat, 3 or more MIDI Notes [SOLVED]

Hi. If this is not the correct forum please relocate. This topic fits in two or three forums.

Iam trying to build an Arduino drum pad with piezos.

I had try differents codes, with some modifications and always got the same results, one pad fire two or three MIDI notes.

This what I tried:

Code by Evan Kale: Its seems to take care of reproduce the notes 2 times, but I can’t make it work.

I use this with LoopMidi - Hairless MIDI - Hydrogen

It works, but reproduce two or three notes with every beat. No matter how much I modify thresholds.

Code by KentForth: The strange thing here is that I get the same error, one pad fire two or three MIDI notes.
I use this changing firmware of Arduino Uno, using Flip (from Atmel) to upload Hiduino.

After this two attemps I began to believe there was some kind of strange shortcut in my “shield” so I decided to rewiring it positioning the resistors ends as far as possible one from the other.

No way. Same error has before.

I had attached 2 images.

1.- MIDI-OX shows all the notes fires when I hit just once the pad.
2.- My rewired shield

I hope some one can point me in the right direction. I have found some similar topics abount midi and arduino on this forum. but no one as this problem.



Hi. After posting I surf the forum a little bit more deeply and I found this post:

And the comment that "enlightme" was the MikMo one.

I took off my pads from the frame? skeleton? I had made, it's wooden made.

And now I get isolated notes, one (sometimes two, but the same one) from each pad. This is a threshold matter.

So, my problem is the wood frame where the pads are fixed (I use velcro to allow me put and remove them)

There is some kind of "microphonics" (as in tubes) in my project.

Now I need to figure out how to isolated pads one from the others. I guess isn't gonna be a easy task.