Arduino DUE - Bluetooth connection

I'm presently working on a project using an Arduino Due board. The project itself consists of getting data from an analog force sensor which is read on analog pins and printed in the serial monitor.
To illustrate, the code looks like this:

int fsrReading0;

void setup(void) {



void loop(void) {

fsrReading0 = analogRead(A0);

All of this works, but I recently tried to implement bluetooth, and got problems. I want to send data read on arduino pins to the serial, but through bluetooth instead. I now know that the DUE doesn't support the SoftwareSerial library, as it already as 3 more serial ports. I'm using a HC-06 bluetooth module, and I tried using those 3 ports to send data to the computer, but nothing worked.

To recap, I only want to send data via bluetooth instead of USB. Does anyone know a simple way to do so, using Arduino DUE and HC-06?

Thanks! :smiley:

I don’t see why the Due does not support Software serial, but it can’t be a good idea, and I’m sure it won’t solve your problem. About the only thing different about using a Due that I can think of is that you should not be using a voltage divider between its Tx and HC-06 Rx. being more forthcoming about “nothing worked” might be helpful, along with wiring details.

Actually Software serial is far from the best option since you can have 5 hardware serial (Serial0= Serial, Serial1,2,3 AND 4) plus SerialUSB.

For BLE connection with an HC-96, you might want to see this thread: