Arduino Due SPI

Hello all,

I have a sensor and I want to communicate it with the DUE through SPI. When I looked for the pins for SPI. There was two set of pins to be used. One is with the ICSP header adn other is the SPI header. I program the DUE through the programming port (usb). I am really confused. I have attached the pic of the description.I guess the order of the pins are exactly the replica from the board so that I can just keep the board as per the figure and connect it. Which is the best way? ICSP connectio or SPI connection?

Thanks in advance

See pinout diagram from Greynomad. PA25, PA27, PA26 are the SPI pins.

so we should use the SPI instead of the ICSP ?

Use ONLY SPI pins for SPI !

This link under the heading connections led me to confusion. So the 4th pin can be used as CS?

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