Arduino ECU

Hi, my name is Pedro, from Brazil, and new on the forum, despite been reading arduino material (and this very forum for some time), and It's time to share my project here too.

I´m currently working on a Arduino ECU project for quite a while (more than 4 years). I already made a 125cc engine work with an arduino UNO on my go kart, and the new challenge is to make a ECU with all features of a OEM ECU. Here is a picture of the new ECU, using an Arduino Mega. For more information, please visit my blog where I post my car project (and the ECU).

The site is mostly in portuguese, just translate the page if you wish.

Grande projecto! Para além de se saber algo sobre Arduino tem de se perceber bem como fazer e implementar essa ideia.

Gostei do projecto ! Boa sorte

Here are some photos of the actual project which is the complete ECU that controls a six cylinder engine with sequential fuel injection, static ignition system and all kinds of cool stuff.
Currently I don't have much time to describe the project here, since I already do that on the blog, so doesn't make sense do do it twice.

This is the kart engine I used to develop the system. Already running with no issues.

Is that a custom PCB you have mounted the Mega ontop? The enclosure, is that of an old scrapped ECU?

Yes. The PCB is custom made to make all the signal conditioning for the arduino Mega. The enclosure and main connector (couldn't find a new one) is from an old Magneti Marelli ECU.

Looks really professional!

How much teeth on flywheel?