Arduino esp32 serial communication

Hey guys i want to transfer data from arduino sensors to esp32 and then send them over the internet to a web server!How can i achieve this circuit and code?Make the communication from arduino to esp32 !Thanks in advance!

Use the magnifier symbol up to the right in this window and search for Arduino + ESP32 + WEB server. Maybe do it in steps.
No need for us to copy internet at this stage.

Hey guys is it possible to send data from arduino (like sensor data) to esp32 and then to the internet..i need to do this because i dont have wi-fi access to my arduino but i have with esp32..till now i have seen videos of serial comm with arduino and esp8266 not esp32..Thanks in advance !!

You do not need the Arduino for sensor input, the ESP32 can read sensors and work WiFi.

esp32 sensors

This will give you numerous examples of remote sensing with WiFi and ESP32.
What sensors are you using?
Please tell us the complete application your project involves.

Can you tell us your electronics, programming, arduino, hardware experience?

Thanks.. Tom.. :slight_smile:

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