Arduino Ethernet Shield Connection Problems

Hi Ive been trying to get the arduino ethernet shield working on my windows xp computer. The problem is it says limited or no connectivity. Ive read through some of the forum posts on this topic and it seems to be that I need to share my wireless internet connection to the connection of my arduino. ( Im using the crossover cable on my Arduino Shield).

This is what ive tried to do so far to get it to share the internet connection.

-Went to Network Connections
-rightclicked on Wireless Network Connection 4
-clicked on properties
-choose the advanced tab
-ticked 'allow other network users to connect through this computers internet connection'
-In the Home networking drop down box choose: Local Area connection (which is the connection of my arduino)
-clicked OK

Only to get:
An error has occurred while internet sharing has been enabled.
Internet connection sharing cannot be enabled.
A LAN connection is already configured with the IP address
that is required for automatic IP addressing.

Im assuming this means its trying to give the arduino an ip address which the arduino won't take. Ive run/uploaded the ChatServer example (unmodified) which gives it the IP address so I know it already has one. Where do I go from here? Help would be much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Still having troubles, set my arduinos ip address to be in the same range as my wireless internet connection and gave it the same subnet mask and default gateway. (not sure if I was meant to give it the same gateway or not) Still the same message came up. 'A LAN connection is already configured with the IP address' Why can't it just work ::slight_smile: Advice anyone?

Internet connection sharing would probably be the place to start if you are going to connect directly to your computer. Not sure about your "-rightclicked on Wireless Network Connection 4" as you are using a wired connection. You may want to try an IP address in the type range for the ethernet shield. If you have a router, that may be the simplest place to connect your arduino and start testing.

Thanks for the reply zoomkat, I have a DLink wireless internet router which is connected to my grandparents computer in the main living room which also has ports but I don't really want to use that computer as its a bit inconvenient. I get the wireless internet from the router onto my computer by a wireless usb adapter.

I set the ip address of the router to the one you described, switched it from obtain ip address automatically to and it worked! Although theres one slight problem I can't access the internet any more, when I change it back to obtain ip address automatically the internet works again however the arduino connection has no activity again.

This is what my ip setting look like when my Arduino Local Area Connection is set to obtain ip adresses automatically