Arduino + Fingerprint + Ethernet

Hello everyone!

I am trying to use my Arduino Uno to send (via an Ethernet Shield) the data that my Digital Persona U 4500 gathers, so that it can be processed by an SDK on a remote PC server, and ultimately sending an Acknowledged/Not Acknowledged message back to the Uno (for both enrolling and authentication purposes).

The big question I've got is, how can I exactly get the fingerprint scanner to communicate with my Uno? The good news is that as soon as I can get this part working, the rest shall follow along nicely, as I already have an app that does what I want with the information the sensor provides.

I do know that I need an USB Shield so that the Arduino can act as a host to the fingerprint scanner (which will be a USB device).

However, from that point on I am a little lost. I have searched for drivers (on both this sensor and the OEM Futronic FS88 that I ordered for experimentation but haven't yet received), and I can't seem to find anything thus far. I understand it might be even necessary to write my own driver, but then again, how would I even start doing that? Are there any references I could look up on (maybe Adafruit)?

Once I can get the sensor to communicate with the Uno, I imagine sending the raw image as a byte-array is trivial. However, any tips will still be appreciated, as I am looking for general guidance.

What do you guys think? :D


What do you guys think?

I think in the absence of a driver and your lack of code skills in writing your own you should get another fingerprint scanner.

Something like this fingerprint scanner

can you guys help me? I have problem with my fingerprint module to show the result of fingerprint to web use ethernetshield. I'm so dizzy with the source code of Arduino would i made. If you guys have the source code about that, will you tell me? :((


What fingerprint scanner do you have? LINK? Documentation?

What code have you tried?

Explain in basic steps what you are trying to accomplish?

You want a finger printer scanner to conditionally check/set if a user can use the ethernet shield?

I've tried to combine the fingerprint enroll and ethernet webclient code, but its always failed.

I want to show the results of the fingerprint in order to appear on the web

So you don't answer questions, so we can't give you meaningful advice because our crystal ball is on the blink at the moment.

the problem now is the sketch or coding i need to figure it out about data fingerprint appear in web server.. can uolls help me? it for my project.? Please

can uolls help me?

With spelling? With capitalization?

With acquiring the hardware? With writing the code to read the fingerprint sensor? With showing a picture of the fingerprint on a web page?

YOU need to be specific about what hardware you have AND you need to make some effort to write some code.

it for my project.

YOUR project. Not our project.

You should also post your professor's name and your school's name, so we can communicate with them, too, to keep them informed about the progress you are making.

or maybe even try a search?

I know I posted a project that mocks this up..

by making a button press act as the fingerprint 'scan'.. then inserting into database, (WAMP).. and checking 'finger print scan' happened within the last xx seconds..

its probably like 90% of what you need/want...

dug up the old thread/link here:

the OP had some specific requirements... but that can easily be discarded.

should get you 'close' to the finish line IMO..

I’ve ZFM208SA fingerprint scanner for arduino. The point is, how to displaying the results of fingerprint enrollment to a web page. The components I use are, Arduino UNO, fingerprint, and ethernetshield.
This is the code that I combine (fingerprint + webclient)

In the code, the uploading was done but the fingerprint sensor always didn’t found. Can you all help me please?
Sorry if my speech is not polite, I’m not too fluent in English

Bismillah.ino (3.21 KB)

"I" cant help with getting your finger print scanner to work.

I dont have one to play with... and you didnt provide a LINK to where you purchased it from.

Did it come with some basic example sketches? I would work on JUST the finger print scanner portion until I know it was working reliably and as I intended.

Only at that point would I attempt to implement the ethernet shield stuff.

That being said.. I posted a working example in my linked thread...

it does everything you want (and more).. except handle the fingerprint portion. It has a 'button press' event in place of the finger print scanning/results... shouldnt be too hard to swap it out.

At that point.. the only thing you need to do then is edit the .php script so it does what you want and returns what you expect.