Arduino for an HF transceiver

Hi everyone,
I would like to use Arduino nano for my homemade HF rtx, I do not have many programming needs:

  1. generate a frequency from 1 to 39 mHz controllable by encoder with steps of 1 - 5 - 50 - 1000 - 10.000 - 100.000 - Hz as the OL and to be displayed on a display 2 lines 16 characters.

  2. generate a fixed frequency of 9,000,000 mHz for the IF

  3. Having a frequency reading offset, in my case the beat is always F + IF for which an F-IF offset is needed.

  4. to be able to give a fast analogue command in external voltage to move the OL less than 500 Hz in CW reception (I’m not interested in changing the display reading of 500 Hz)

I do not know anything about Arduino so I would need a software already made that approaches my needs, then learn to modify it for my use if it does not already have the required requirements.

I was thinking of buying, in addition to Arduino nano,
an AD9850 to generate the two separate signals:

Generatore di segnali 0-40 Mhz AD9850 DDS Signal generator Arduino PIC | eBay 1: mp: 0

a display compatible with Arduino:

a full interface encoder:

I kindly ask you to help me in the enterprise if possible, I’m really fasting on the subject, thanks !!!


"2) generate a fixed frequency of 9,000,000 mHz for the IF"

Do you mean MHz (MegaHertz) or mHz(MillHertz)?
If MHz, then that's 9 TeraHertz, which is pretty high.
If mHz, then that's 9kHz, which is pretty low.

oops, sorry! Hz of course.


Search the internet for "ARRL Arduino books" and you will find several that may interest you.

73, Paul, KD7HB

A bit of late reply perhaps but contact me by pm as this i've already done a few years ago. Versions using 16x2, 20x4 lcd displays and 3.5 tft colour display.

Also have filter switching, band limits, general coverage receive etc etc