Looking for Arduino programmer for simple frequency generator development

Hello Guys,

I'm just starting my Arduino adventure and unluckily there's not much free time between classes and my job.

So, I'm looking for someone that can code a simple app for me.

The idea is to develop a ramp up/down square wave frequency/pulse generator. It's the same as pulse train outputs in PLC's.

The frequency should have the maximum possible range, from 0 till 1Mhz, for example. Or less, if Arduino does not support such a high output.

My idea is to have 3 or 4 independent pulse generators per Arduino.

The up/down ramp and also the maximum frequency should be configured by software, or we can also use the analogue inputs connected to a 0-5 volts potentiometer.

Each pulse output would be activated by a digital input.

There's lot's of examples on how to generate frequency with arduinos. I just don't have the time for it, so I'm willing to pay a few bucks to someone that can help me doing this.


sent you an older sketch for the lower frequencies.

Your primary issues will be generating specific frequencies above probably about 400KHz. Due to the 16MHz clock, your increments happen in 1/16 of 1us for your half period. This means that your period adjustments will involve integer increments of 1/16 of a microsecond. This is usually perfectly fine for <100kHz, but as you get above 100kHz, your possible increments start happening at 1-2kHz, and then get larger. This might be acceptable, but if you want 401kHz and then 402kHz, you may not be able to get it, but you’ll probably be able to test at around 400kHz and at around 500kHz, but it could be off by a fair bit from your ‘nominal’ frequency.

A way to get around this is to find a digital or analog controlled oscillator and use that to generate your pulses. If its I2C and has multiple addresses, then your process becomes fairly simple, since you just need to control the however many different generators. After that its just I2C commands and a digital amplifier to get to whatever is an appropriate voltage.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

The good news Is that I have just checked and I need a maximum output of 100kHz (per output).

I don't know if 4 independent outputs, generating 100kHz at the same time will have the same problem.

If they have, maybe I'll just have to stick with a maximum ceiling of 25kHz per output (100kHz simultaneous)

Anyway, I'm willing to pay (or retribute in the future, for example) for this to be coded.

Clearly any information seems like gold to me now, so feel free to tell me your thoughts :D