Arduino + Force gauge

Hi everybody!

I'm new at Arduino (although not new at electronics) and I thinking about a project that i'm not really sure about its feasability.

What i want to do is to use a force gauge to measure a force for certain time. This gauge has a USB (or RS232, cant remember) port to connect to a PC, insted of that, i want to connect it to an Arduino, it will get all the samples (let's say 1000Hz for 1 sec, so 1000 samples), process and integrate them and show me the result in a standard display.

The result will be something like the shadowed area:

I know that the unit is 'Force * Time' and don't really makes much sense, but that's what i need.

So, can it be done? Using the Arduino UNO is good enough? Would a need to use something like a MAX232 to go from the Force Gauge to Arduino or is there some adapter/shield that does this? Or meaby the USB port that comes with the Arduino to program it would do the job?

Thanks in advance! Greetings from Argentina

Force times time is impulse, and that's a perfectly reasonable thing to want to measure.

Reading your sensor via USB is going to be hard. The two sides of a USB connection are not the same. What your Arduino has is a peripheral port. This is designed to connect to a host port on the PC. Your sensor will probably also have a peripheral port, and you would need to add a host port to the Arduino and then get/write the software to drive the USB, and the the application protocol that your force sensor produces, to read the sample values.

I think you will find it far easier to get a new force sensor with an output that you can read directly. There are any number of sources, but for example several different types are listed here: