Arduino Forum Back online

As you might have noticed last night somebody decided it might be fun to take down our forum... The only managed to delete a few files but important ones...

luckily all the messages where still there, so thanks to david mellis we are back online...

Thanks to Daniel Joliffe and Neil Zero for their offer of help.

we shouldn't have these problems in the future


thanks to david mellis we are back online...

yes ditto, Mellis rocks.


hey guys, I still get errors, and no icons: the files can't be downloaded: ....


thanks for the hard work keeping things going.


Okay, I think most of the problems should be fixed (I had forgotten to set all the paths required). Let us know if you spot any other problems.

I don’t know if it has something to do with it, but some spam messages appeared on the forum, such as: [3rd post]

Could an administrator check the list of forum members to delete spammers ?

Usually, the spam gets deleted relatively quickly and seems to be under control, but if it becomes more of a problem, we will definitely look into giving more users the ability to delete it or other solutions.