Arduino Function Generator

Hi i want to make a simple function generator with arduino. Anyone have a good program for it. I would like it to go at least up to 140 khz and try to have it produce a square wave. And if the is i circuit i could hook up to the outside of arduino which can turn the output into Ac power that would be great!

For your square wave generator, have a look at the FrequencyTimer2 library:

Yes i was, i wasnt getting a

Did you consider this chip?

Sparkfun also has a kit based on it (nothing to do with arduino though):

That sparkfun kit looks great. Just out of curiosity i want to amke sure before i get it that it has and ac output.

If you are asking for confirmation that it will do what you want, you need to say what that is.

Perhaps you can say a few words about what the output will be connected to.

The output will be connected to a coil with a capacitor connected parrelel to the coil.

The output will be connected to a coil with a capacitor connected parrelel to the coil.

It may or may not drive it, depending on the capacitor, coil and frequency.

Probably a 120khz signal square wave and a magnet wire coil and i dont know the value of the capacitor but it will probably be in the decimals.

$35 ?

I would build something like this:

But for a simple square wave you can use the Arduino without problems. Maybe use a PWM timer or you can even do it in the loop(). Around 130kHz are no problem in the lopp() if you use digitalWrite(). For higher speed you can use direct port manipulation:
PORTX |= (1 << pinnumber) to set it HIGH,
PORTX &= ~ (1 << pinnumber) to set it LOW

is this a wireless power project by chance?

My guess is for an RFID project. Mind you you need a driver after the Arduino, if you drive it at resonance you can get about 600V from the coil and fry your Arduino if you don't use drivers.