Arduino(Genuino) Mega Reset Button

Apparently the Genuino Mega that I ordered was missing its RESET push button switch. Is there any way to attach a switch to the RESET on the board? Don't want to go through the hassle of sending back the unit again

Do you even need a reset button? I never use them.

Well I could go for the RESET pin but it's kind of annoying when something that isn't supposed to be missing is missing. Anyway, I could live without it if sending it back is the only option.

Normally the ORIGINAL Genuino Mega comes with a reset button.
Here is a picture of an original Mega rev3:
Genuino Mega 2560.jpg

If you really purchased a Genuino and not a clone (then they are not allowed to use Genuino as brand name), and they forgot to solder the reset button, you can either have them send a replacement WITH button or solder it yourself.

I'd try contacting customer service about the issue. There's a chance they'll just send you a replacement board and you can keep the one without the reset button as a spare. That's what I'd do if I had sold someone an incorrectly assembled board.

Thanks! I might as well go and try to contact customer service.