Arduino GSM shield A000105 or A000106

  1. I have to make a project, in which need to send SMS to 5 different peoeple on hourly basis, on data collected.

  2. making project on arduino uno, so i had checekd these two shields:

i.e A000105 or A000106

  1. Only diff between the two, is A000106 contanins external antenna connection, right, or is there any other difference?

  2. Is there any one better than another or both are same except antenna?

  3. Anyone has previous expereince, on these two, any expereice to share on these?

The photos show they have the same M10 modem 'chip', so there's a very high probability they will perform identically. Your biggest challenge is to find a good modem library.
Most of them are push only - using delay() to let things happen.

I started with FONA - but have totally rewritten that to be asynchronous, and remove many unnecessary functions.
Now I send and receive as fast as the network can take them (approx 1-2 seconds per message sent).

Sorry - I can't share that new code as it's not mine to release, bt it can be done.

Have you tried refreshing the page?