Arduino html interface

Hello everyone!

I'm trying to build an arduino controlled webcam. the idea is to connect the webcam to 2 servos so i can pan and tilt the cam however i want. further more its supposed to be controlled Via the internet;

My idea is to connect the arduino to a computer via usb. the computer will then serve as a host for the arduino, and must also host an html site. THis site should then be accessible through the internet (port forwarding i think) i want four buttons on the website: 1. up 2. down. 3. left. and 4. right. these then have to forward a signal to the arduino which will the move the Camera.

My problem is that i'm not excactly sure on how to make the interface work, as i have no experience in working with an arduino in this way.

I have already been googling a bit, but it didn't help much,, so any suggestions are welcome.