Arduino IDE crashes PC - BSOD, HDD click, all the fun stuff


First some background info: Running Arduino 023 (and 1.0) on Windows XP SP2.

A while ago I began to have problems starting the Arduino IDE (023): the HDD clicked once, PC froze up or restarted. Sometimes it would take 2-3 reboots to start the IDE, some times it would work ok on the first try.

This didn't bother me much but lately it started crashing my PC when testing the program through the Serial Monitor. All of the sudden it would crash, no warning, no blue screen of death, no nothing.

I've tried Arduino 1.0, same problems. Sometimes it would crash when I loaded the sketch.

Did anybody else have these problems ? It's driving me nuts, I want to tinker around but the IDE denies me =(

And no other program does this?

No other program does this. I can leave the PC on for days, I can debug via hyperterminal and everything is ok. But I can't upload the sketch via HT.

I even moved the IDE to another physical drive, thinking it hits some bad sector on the disk but it still causes problems.

Honestly, I had zero issues with 021. Seems like my problems started after a Windows reinstall and switching to 023. If no solutions come up to fix this, I'll back-up my data and do a clean reinstall :frowning: