Arduino IDE for Windows Vista & automatic setup

I have updated Arduino's IDE with last Java JRE (to work properly with Windows Vista Aero Glass compositor... without switching to Aero Basic GUI) and build an automatic installer for Windows 9x/NT/XP/Vista

This downloader retrieves online files and in a few minutes installs arduino IDE in Windows (including start menu icon)



Sounds great!

During the install after clicking on the "Download and install..." I'm getting a Run-time error '53" File not found.


Sounds great!

During the install after clicking on the "Download and install..." I'm getting a Run-time error '53" File not found.


Woops sorry, is now fixed, please redownload the same file. I was cleaning out older files from the same app (for example if you close the setup while is downloading stuff)... but I did not check if old temp files ever existed :stuck_out_tongue:


Updated to version 0012

Awesome! Thank you for making it work with aero glass. That was always so annoying that it would switch back to classic. The installer worked fine except it locked up at the end of the installation. Didnt seem to matter because it works fine.

Mellis, how about rolling this into the official cannon?

Thanks again,

I'll probably upgrade the Java version soon (so you get Aero instead of the basic theme), but probably no installer for the near future.

Is there any reason why it can't use a normally installed JRE instead of needing it's own custom version which must be maintained?

It's just a convenience so that people don't need to install Java separately. Processing provides a version with and a version without Java, but it didn't seem as important with Arduino since the .zip is pretty big anyway (because of the avr tools). It seems worth considering for the flexibility.

@steve: You can delete the "Java" folder to use your own java runtime.

Thanks eried, now I can shut up my security scanners which keep pointing out there's known vulnerabilities in the old versions..

yeah, thanks for this!

solved a big annoyance!

I am having trouble using this installer, it gives me an error window.

Title: 16 bit MS-DOS Subsystem

Message: C:\User\xxx\AppData\Local\Temp\MPART1~1.EXE The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction. CS:e700 IP:f0 cb f9 c3 f9 Choose 'Close' to terminate the application.

The error message has a Close button and an Ignore button, but they all terminate the installer.

Any idea?

Are you using a 64 bits system?

I just noticed that the Arduino IDE version 13 is now available and I've downloaded it but can't get it to run as it's asking for: could not fine the main class: Program will exit.
I hope it won't be too difficult for your wonderful web based installer to be updated.
Thank you very much.
Fred Olivas

Updated to version 0013

I can't believe they didn't fix the "vista aero glass" problem. This live setup does not contains the java runtime so you need to have that installed (anyways it is almost impossible not having that)


PD: If you get any "javaw" or "ShellExecute" error, just download the last Java runtime from

Hi Eric, and thanks for your easy Arduino13 upload page. I'm still not working as I get the avrdude errors that everyone is talking about. When I view the avrdude.conf file I notice that there is NO support for the ATmega328p. I wonder if this could be the problem I'm having.
Can you please respond so that others might read and be helped?
Fred Olivas

any chance this will get updated for version 0014?


I was trying to release something cleaner, each new version comes with less than 1 mb of differences, so updating the whole 30-60mb makes no sense

;D any suggestion? maybe a fully background auto-updater would be fine, you run it and magically appears the last version in less than a few seconds

the auto-updater would be a definite feature to implement. If anything it would make your job easier.

Perhaps you can implement the package in such a way that your installer retrieves the latest version (or have the user download the files from here and then performs the install of this version. This would definitely make your job easier when new versions roll out.

maybe you could post a tutorial or some sort of instructions on how to do this. then you wont have to keep updating this and people could do it them selves. or is it too hard for the average user to do?