Arduino IDE menu bar text too big, cannot change it

I'm having problems with my Arduino IDE installation. I installed Arduino IDE on my Elementary OS laptop and no matter what I do I can't get the menu bar text to shrink to a usable size (see Screenshot below).

I tried the only solution that pops up on Google while looking this issue up, since either nobody ever probably happened to have this problem or fixed it immediately. I tried scaling down the GUI and editor font via preferences.txt to no avail. Is there something else that can be done to fix this?

Elementary Tweaks in Launchpad
Fix your font choices and sizes.

Is this a known working solution? It says in the disclaimer it works only with elementary 0.3 Freya, and I'm running elementary 6 Odin.

Anyway, still worth a try. I'll try as soon as I can, thanks

No, there are a few solutions this one is just the last one I used to help a student with a similar issue a while ago.
I apologize if it's dated.

It says not to use with previous versions, it doesn't say anything about newer ones but the fact that it's discontinued. I'll definitely try that solution out

Just curious, how did you end up with Elementary OS?

I wanted to go back to Linux in light of recent events with my computers that required one, but didn't want to settle for Ubuntu which I've worked with multiple times. Elementary OS looks fancy and feels quite responsive on my laptop so I settled for that.

@gotvm take a look at How to change IDE text font settings – Arduino Help Center

I tried that but it only changes the script text size, not the menu bar.

I tried tweaking the title bar text size in Pantheon Tweaks (formerly Elementary Tweaks) but that didn't do it. Is there something else that I need to change?