Arduino IDE needs work

Frankly, I am tired of dealing with the failures of the Arduino IDEs. Plus, the IDE has a virus. Pisses me off.

What evidence do you have of the virus ?
Which version of the IDE are you using and where did you download it from ?


Three years here, and that's all you've posted?

Hi @TurboSpeedzter. I'm sorry to hear you are not satisfied with this free open source software.

It will not be possible to do any investigation or fixes for the problems you have experienced based on such a vague statement. If you are interested in the IDE improving, you'll need to provide us with sufficient information:

  • What did you do?
  • What were the results you expected from doing that?
  • What were the results you observed that did not match your expectations?
    • Make sure to include the full and exact text of any error or warning message you might have encountered.

Please provide us with complete instructions for how we can reproduce each of the problems you encountered.

Or perhaps someone is just "poking the bear"

Try to use Platformio (a VS Code extension).

Use professional IDEs.

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