Arduino IDE versions / confused


I'am not quite sure if is the right place, in forum.

But when I look at all those versions you can download of the IDE.

I get confused because sometimes I see people write like an downgrade to get your work useful.

I wonder if I allways work with the newest and stable Arduino IDE, will all my (arduino sensor) sensors work normally from year 2000-2020?

Or do I sometime have get download an older version, to get those to work?

I have been reading the arduino wiki and old versions page. All the versions are just numbers...Nothing to read about or am i wrong. ((((I think so...))))

Short answer:
Just use the newest version of the Arduino IDE. If you have a problem, come back here with a description and we'll tell you if you need to use an older version of the IDE.

Long answer:

will all my (arduino sensor) sensors work normally from year 2000-2020?

The Arduino IDE version isn't going to make a difference in whether your sensors work or not. Some of the software that comes with the Arduino IDE (Arduino AVR Boards hardware package and bundled libraries) might make a difference in the sensor working or not, but you can install any version of Arduino AVR Boards and the bundled libraries with any version of the Arduino IDE, so it still really doesn't make sense to consider the IDE version relevant.

Thanks, this make sense...

It was an almost empty wiki... about the different old versions.