Arduino Incubator

Created an incubator for my dissertation, thought some of you may be interested:

So cute! ^_^ Reminds me of how we used to incubate eggs under hot lamps with easter.

I had better not let my kids watch this, they will get more ideas! We already have 14 hens and two chicks.

On the other hand, maybe I should require them to make a high-tech brooder before allowing any more. They might learn something.

Nice work Savers.

I would like to see some details about the user interface you produced on the computer.

I can't reveal too much as it's not been submitted yet and I don't want it to get done for plagiarising myself!

Basically the interface uses the System.IO from VB. It reads temperature every 5 seconds.

It sets the temperature by sending a 4 digit integer (you can't send decimal over serial), so it divides by 100 to get the decimal.

If the decimal is less than 50, it knows its an incubation temperature.

If the decimal = 98.00, it turns the egg.

If the decimal = 99.00 it puts it into diagnostics mode.

Are you doing any automatic controll of the humidity? We use to have some chickens and refilling the water in the incubator was a pain.