Arduino.inf not recognised as driver?

Hi Everyone,

I'm running Windows 7 64-bit, trying to connect to an Arduino Uno for the first time.

I'm looking in Device Manager as suggested, and there under Other Devices it lists USB2 0-Serial, for which it says the drivers are not installed. So I go Update Driver, Browse computer for driver software, set the location to the folder where arduino.inf is (and the search bar in the start menu confirms that the file is in that folder), but when I press Next it says it could not find driver software for the device.

Any thoughts on why the arduino.inf file might not be recognised as a driver?

Many thanks.


I'm sorry, I'd assumed that just because it said Uno on it it would be an official one (I was given it by a friend), but you're absolutely right. Googled the clone, was directed to an extra driver, downloaded that, got it installed, just loaded first program onto the thing and now I have a blinking green LED.