Arduino IR Sensor...

I want to make an IR transmitter and a Receiver using a raw Sensor(see the photo below)…I did try to connect the circuit but it didn’t work…so anyone knows how to connect it?..

I did try to connect the circuit but it didn't work

So show us how you connected it. Please post a schematic.

However "didn't work" covers a multitude of sins, so we need to see your code as well.

Also what exactly are you trying to do? Saying " an IR transmitter and a Receiver " is not very specific and could be almost anything.

I'm guessing that the sensor is a photodiode. I think you should connect it between a digital pin set to mode INPUT_PULLUP and ground. If it doesn't work (produce HIGH or LOW on the input pin based on light level) then turn it around (diodes have a + end and a - end). Once you can get HIGH and LOW signals your receiver is complete except for the software.

Note: The IR LED (sender) might require more than the 40 mA available from an Arduino output pin. The one I got from Radio Shack was rated for 100 mA. To get full signal strength from it you would need a transistor to drive it.

Note: You can't use a simple photodiode sensor with the IR Remote library. The typical IR Remote receiver has hardware to demodulate the ~38 kHz carrier.

Also be aware that the range of a simple photo diode and IR emitter is likely to be in the order of under an inch.

Hi Kaumil97,

Although you don't say, like johnwasser, I suspect you have this set of devices:

Back in the days before the internet, we had Forest Mims III, who in 1982, spoke directly to Grumpy Mike's concerns about range: