Arduino + LCD Serial Shield.

I use a Mega Shield sensor and a LCD Serial Shield.

The LCD serial Link

I use this code but no display

int switchPin = 7;
int value = 0;

void setup() {
  pinMode(switchPin, INPUT);

void loop() {
  if (HIGH == digitalRead(switchPin)){
    Serial.print("$GO 1 1\r\n");
    Serial.print("$PRINT Flamingo  EDA\r\n");
    Serial.print("$GO 2 4\r\n");
    Serial.print("$PRINT Hello World!\r\n");
    Serial.print("$CURSOR 1 1\r\n");

The sensor shield and LCD serial are connected with I2C cable.

Is there something missing in code? Do i need to initialize I2C? I already test serial1,serial2, serial3 with also no display.



Why add the complexity of a switch. Put all the code to run the LCD in setup. That will tell you whether the problem is with the LCD or the way that the switch is wired.


I tried :

void setup() 

  Serial.print("$PRINT Test\r\n");

void loop() {}

And nothing displayed also.


You haven’t said anything about how the LCD is connected to the Arduino.

OK I resolved my problem, I was on the I2C bus and not on the COM port.

Just silly !

Thx anyway for fast replies