Arduino Leonardo analog 12 ports?

Hi all, I recently purchased a Leonardo as it is supposed to have 12 analog ports (using some of the digital I presume) but I cannot get it to read analog on anything but the six (A0-A5) ones. I cannot find any user info on this board. I am trying to use the joystick.h library with an IDE for a joystick.
The IDE loads OK but the device manager only shows 7 axis and not the eight I need.

Have You checked the data sheet and the application notes?

Here is a diagram taken from something I wrote. It shows the header I took the pins from. It shows the alternate functions of some pins.
So to use 5 extra analogue input pins just use the alternatives. For example pin 10 can be an analogue input so just analogRead pin A10.

It's right there in the analogRead() documentation:

Footnote for Leonardo and Micro:

*A0 through A5 are labelled on the board, A6 through A11 are respectively available on pins 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, and 12

Thanks guys Railroader, Grumpy Mike and johnwasser for your input. I think my problem is the mass of information one has to wade through. I have now checked the resources you all mentioned (a big thank you!) and taking a new look at the coding (not mine but kindly supplied by another member especially for the Leonardo). I did learn at uni that 'knowing where to look for the right info' was the true gift of learning! Thank you again.

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