Arduino Leonardo - Limit to number of String variables?

Ok, I am working on a program that types in different words in place of common words using the Keyboard features

String normal = {

for some reason my program quits working and the computer no longer recognizes it as a USB device after I have a certain number of strings in my program even though I still have a lot of space in my sketch.

I believe it is when I have somewhere over 400 strings

so if I continue writing these String vars until I have over 400 strings total, the program quits working and the computer stops recognizing it. Then the only way I can upload a new sketch is to hold the reset until uploading starts then let go and it will put the sketch on.

This happens even if I don't have anything in setup or loop, even if I just declare over 400 string variables this will happen.

Is there some limitation to how many strings you can have?

I don't think they even have to be variables. I think it is just a certain number of strings no matter where they are in the program because I had another sketch that did the same thing and the only way I got past it was to add another arduino and have half the sketch on one and half on the other.

This has been driving me crazy.

The amount of flash memory that your code occupies is not related to the amount of SRAM that you are wasting using Strings.

You only have so much SRAM for strings. 400 x 7 characters will put you over the limit.
Can you put them in PROGMEM?
Or move to a processor with more memory, like a '1284P with 16K SRAM:
I offer them in several form factors, this one is like an Uno with 10 more IO pins as well.

If you’re not going to change the strings when the sketch is running, leave them in flash memory.

(Remember, even an empty String consumes six bytes of precious RAM)

The 8 digits, with segments made of 3 LEDs in parallel, in this display are driven by a MAX7219 for example. The 8 decimal points are used to drive the time colon in the bottom and 6 other individual lights (also groups of 2 or 3 in parallel) as well.

All cards were wirewrapped, including to the LED legs:

Velleman ECS1/2 island of hole perfboard was used to mount everything on to.