Arduino Library for AD5253 and AD5254 potentiometers.

I was using some AD5254 potentiometers - which take an I2C interface - with an Arduino project, so I had to write a little interface library. I ended up implementing all the functions that the chip provides, and I've packaged it up with some basic demos (I'll write some more demos of the various functions later, but I don't actually have the chip with me right now, so I can't test them until next week).

If anyone is interested in this, the repository is available on Github. The documentation is included in the repository, but is also hosted online here..

Thanks for sharing,

did some work on the similar AD524X series, there might be some examples (or code but I doubt that as your work is pretty decent) that you can reuse, feel free

Great, I'll take a look and see what might be useful, thanks!