Arduino library to get ThingHTTP (ThingSpeak) using ESP8266


Given the amount of usage of ThingSpeak and in particular ThingHTTP does any one
know of (or developed ) a ‘library’ that runs on an Arduino board and connects to ThingSpeak
via an ESP8266.

I have a number of ThingHTTPs working like getting the max temperature and min temperature for my postcode from the BBC weather site. So I receive some 700 odd bytes from a GET command and then need to parse those 700 bytes to find for example 3 chars say 17 degrees (degree symbol is the third char).

Is there such a ‘library’ that does all ? … so connects to wifi, checks connection, connects to server, GETs response, parses data based of search parameters.

Searching gives hundreds of results but never what I have described above. They are usually ‘send to thingspeak’ or assume Arduino is the IDE or some partial bit of non-working code !!! I am sure many others must be doing this but I dont seem to be able to find a solution.


most will try to get a valid JSON output from the server and just parse it with the ArduinoJSON library


Thank you for this I have looked at the examples and I am sure I can use this.

Funny thing is I had seen references to JSON before and thought it was Javascript and blindly ignored any reference because I was looking for 'Arduino type code'.

Anyway thanks again.