Arduino Load cell configuration // SCHOOL PROJECT

So basically I am working on a school project in which I have to do some things. I have to hook up an ultrasonic sensor to measure someones height and make a DIY Scale to measure someone's weight. The ultrasone sensor is done and working fine, but my main issue is getting the load cells to work. I have 2 50kg flat load cells. They look like this:

They have three wires coming out. Red, White, Black.

I also have an HX711 unit, which has these connectors:


On the right side of the hx711 board i have these connectors:

I have literally no clue where to go with it, and the internet isn't much help to me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A google search for "3 wire load cell" turned up some promising-looking info, including this thread from this forum.

OP seems to have two 3-wire load cells.

Measure the load cell with a DMM, and find the two wires with the highest resistance.
Those two connect to E+ and E-
Use the same colours from the second load cell and also connect them to E+ and E-, but reversed.
The two remaining wires connect to A+ and A-
This guide might help you further.