Arduino Mega 2560 com port not found


I have a original Arduino Mega 2560 but the com port is not available. the field is bright grey and i cant choose any com port.

in a lot of forums the solution is to install the ch341ser driver but in my case it didnt work. Do you have any other solution or opportunity to try out?

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What does your operating system think about the board? Which operating system?

An original Mega does not use a CH340 or FTDI ttl-to-usb adapter so installing those is fruitless. It uses a 8U2 or 16U2.

operating system is windows 10. the board doesnt show up in the device manager.

on the arduino chip are the following informations:

16AU 1603

Is that all on the big chip? There is a smaller one next to the USB port; might be difficult to read. If it's square with legs at all sides, it is a 8U2 or 16U2; if it rectangular with legs at two sides, it a CH340 or CP21xx or FTDI232.

Also not somewhere with a yellow triangle?
Bad cable or not properly inserted cable?
Did you use it before and it used to work? Or did it never work?

oh yes this were the info on the big chip. On the small one is 16U2 :slight_smile:

i used a Arduino uno before at the same port and with the same cable - everything worked well. Maybe the mega is broken - im not sure....

The reason why i want use the mega is that i found a code on gighub who was written for mega and the code didnt worked on the uno. I need 3x UART.

I can't advice much further. Not showing up in device manager when using the same (properly inserted) cable that works for the Uno would, in my opinion, indicate that the 16U2 is broken in some way.

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Yes you're right I order a new one. The small chip looks burned....... noticed that while reading the infos there :sweat_smile:

Thanks so much for your help

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