Arduino Mega 2560 port manipulation with T6963 library

Hi guys!

I would like to place a newbie question, relatively with T6963 library and how to drive a GLCD with different arduino pins than the assigned in the library. For example:

// data port Arduino Mega
#define GLCD_DATA_PORT          PORTL
#define GLCD_DATA_PIN           PINL            //Arduino Mega Pins 49-42
#define GLCD_DATA_DDR           DDRL

// control port Arduino Mega
#define GLCD_CTRL_PORT          PORTC
#define GLCD_CTRL_PIN           PINC            //Arduino Mega Pins 37-34
#define GLCD_CTRL_DDR           DDRC

// control signals
#define GLCD_WR                 0
#define GLCD_RD                 1
#define GLCD_CE                 2  //Should be able to XNOR this with WR and RD
#define GLCD_CD                 3

The above code defines ports and pins in particular order as control and data ports. In my occasion, what if I want to have as GLCD_DATA_PORT mixed pins from other ports? My data port consists of 3 pins from PORTD (DB0-DB2), 2 pins from PORTG (DB3-DB4) and remaining 3 pins from PORTC (DB5-DB7) and this happened for certain designing purposses.

Any help on this matter would be very much appreciated!!!