connecting ampire AG240128B4 to arduino mega

Hi guys!
2days ago I’ve bought this GLCD and in these 2 days I’ve searched whole of the internet to find a datasheet or at least a description of the pins but I found nothing! so I decided to ask you guys to help me run this GLCD with arduino.
please just tell me how to connect it to arduino mega. I’ve attached the pics of it. thanks
by the way it has 22 pins. I’ve tested the pins and I’ve found that pin 22 is ground of backlight and pin 21 is Vcc of backlight which can be up to 12 V.


Why dont you use the information from the web site?

1 VEE Negative Power Supply (-20V)
2 VSS Ground (0V)
3 VDD Logic Supply Voltage(+5V)
4 VO Contrast Adjustment
5 /WR Write data when WR = L
6 /RD Read data when RD = L
7 /CE Chip Enable
8 C/D WR = L --- C/D = H : Command Write C/D = L : Data Write RD = L --- C/D = H : Status Read C/D = L : Data Read
9 /RES H --- Normal L --- Initialize T6963C
10~17 DB0 - DB7 Data Bus Line
18 FS FS : Pin for selection of font H -- Font 6×8 (default) L -- Font 8×8
19 LEDA LED back-light Power Supply + (4.05V)
20 LEDK LED back-light Power Supply - (4.05V)

This is a classical T6963 GLCD. Several libraries are available for Arduino. However some may be outdated. U8glib should work with this display. Please check forum entries here. T6963 setup has been discussed several times in this forum.

Remember to connect FS to GND for U8glib. Also note that you need a 10K variable pot with wiper at V0, one end at GND other end at -20V. Adjust the varpot so that V0 has around -12 to -15V.


Im sorry but I told that it has 22pins! But you notice 20pins! These things you told I'd already knew! But it has 22 pins! I want to know what are those 2extra pins!

Ok, without proper documentation, working with a GLCD is difficult. Maybe you can trace the signals to the T6963 to clarify the signal names. Pin description of the T6963 should be avalable in the internet. You may only need to identify the T6963 on your PCB.