Arduino Mega 2560 R3 . Power spec


I have the board above and I have couple of components that I need connecting, I have:
3x Led - Displays

10x LED - Segment

4x Rotary Enorder

As I understand from the Spec I can use 20 mA in 5V, is it?

The card has 4x 5v pins. If you are useing components that are needing the maximum power limit. Do you have to split the power output through all 4 pins or can you use just 1 or 2 of the 4 pins?

in my case the digital pins 1-53 just serve as a signal pins does I have to to calculate the bord maximum limit like 53x20mA = 1 060 mA?
Does the Mega has a auto shutdown if the current power output from the card is too much?
(A protection that the controller won´t burn?)

Best regards Fredrik

Each IO pin can sink or source 20 mA. There is also a limit per port and a limit for the processor; not familiar with the Mega but for e.g. an Uno (328P processor), it’s 100 mA and 200 mA respectively.
The 5V pins are there to power other devices like a rtc clock or a display. When calculating a power supply, the current consumption needs to be taken into account.
Pins used as input don’t need to be counted. For output pins it depends what you connect.
You can blow up the processor when exceeding the limits under (1) above.

With what you want to connect, I doubt the 5V pins on the Mega can power it all and a separate power supply is needed; in that case you can connect the devices directly to the power supply instead of through the board.

The devices that you want to connect will not be a load for the Mega IO pins (as far as I can judge) so no worries about the 20 mA limit per pin.

Don't forget a COMMON GROUND back to the Arduino if you use a seperate PSU.

Without it results from attached devices may be erratic.