arduino mega 2560 to stepper motor driver


I'm new here and been reading a lot about arduino. I'm building a 3 axis CNC router and plan to use the mega 2560.

I saw on youtube the 2560 is used with a 3/4 axis stepper motor driver based on the tb6600 and want to know how you connect the arduino to it. I see on the video some wires are run from the driver printer port DB25 to the mega2560 and the arduino connects to the pc via usb.

Anyone knows how this is done? Been searching online but can't find it.

I won't be using the arduino motor shield coz I need more than 2A to run the steppers.

I need help. Thanks in advance!

You may find some useful info in Stepper Motor Basics.

In general, you need to connect the Arduino I/O pin for direction to the direction pin on the driver and step to the step pin. You will also need a connection between GND on the driver and the Arduino.

The motor shield uses a h-bridge which is a very poor choice for driving a stepper motor even if it can provide the required current.


Stepper controllers take step, direction and sometimes enable input logic signals. So its either

ground, step, dir or ground, step, dir, en

If running long leads you should run step and ground as a twisted pair, and if possible dir and ground as a pair. However long leads are best avoided for logic signals, try to keep down to a foot or so if possible, much less chance of problems with glitches and reflections.