Arduino mega 2560 USB port problem

I am having a problem connecting to nu Arduino mega 2560 . When I plug in the USB in the pc I het An error. This is in my new laptop with Windows 11.

It is NOT the cable I have tester is with An Uno.

The board is still running the sketch I installed on IT before. The board is detected on 2 other pc's without problemen. These pc's are win10 ( and not practical to use in this project )

My other Arduino's, a nano an Uno and a Robodyn Mega2560 with onboard ESP32 are alle detected by the win11 pc.

So this is a mystery.
Best I can Imagine is that the Arduino Mega2560 USB Driver for win11 is buggy.

Does anyone have a suggestion hoe to het this Mega connecties to nu win11 laptop?

You need the driver that exactly matches the chip used for USB on your Mega.

I agree, but where do I find that driver if niet installed with the Arduino IDE ?

The IDE can not have drivers for all systems and chips. A WEB search can reveal alternative drivers for Win11.

On the systems where the board works, check what the TTL-to-USB chip is. Windows device manager will tell you as well as lsusb and/or dmesg (not sure which one) under Linux. After that you can start looking for the correct driver.

@sterretje I am not sure what you want me to check. I in the device manager on the win 11PC and I see this:

There are no ports in the device manager. That is the problem.

On the win 10 PC the port does exist and no new entry for the usb port in the device manager.

The only difference I see with the USB ports is that on the eXtrensible Host Controller on the win 10 is from AMD version 1.0 (Microsoft) and on the win 11 Intel version 1.10 (Microsoft)

I don't know how all this gets met to the TTL-toUSB chip.

Also note worthy On botch machines I have the eXtensible Host Controller, the USB Composite Device and the USB Root Hub. But on the win 11 pc I have all off them twice ( so 6 entries in Universal Serial Bus controllers )

Check the Win10 PC; what do you see under Ports?
In the above image, the first one is an official Uno (from the old and the last one is a clone with CH340. The entry should disappear if you disconnect the board.

Your Mega will either identify itself as a Mega instead of an Uno or as something else (e.g. CH340 but there are other options). Which one of the two is it?

You can take it a step further, right click the one that you found and select Properties, select the Details tab and select Hardware Ids as shown below. You can use the VID (vendor ID) and the PID (product ID) to try to find the correct driver for your Win11 PC

I guess IT is niet an official Arduino the because is identifies as: USB-SERIAL C340(COM5)

The hardware id's are: USB/VID_1A86&PID_7523&REV_0264

@sterretje Very strange. I connect my Robodyn Arduino Mega ( clearly a clone ) to the win 11 pc I have no problem I do get a port and in the device manager it looks like this:


The only diverence is the revision. 0254 vs 0264 so I would need to google for the revision as well.
And hope that when I install it it will not mess things up for the Arduino's that are working now.

I was typing a message asking for that. So thanks.

Both are CH340, the difference is indeed the revision. As far as I understand it, the revison is 'part of' the device (and not the driver). Can you repeat for the Nano? My Nano has the CH340G (and revision is 0263).

I'm not sure where to go from here.

Did you install the driver yourself? Or did it come with Win11? The manufacturer's driver can be downloaded from CH341SER.ZIP - NanjingQinhengMicroelectronics; it doesn't seem to have changed since 2019.

Can you try to identify the TTL-to-USB chip on those boards. It will be a bit tricky to read; I use a phone with macro mode and you might have to vary the angle a bit to get a readible text on the chip. It would be interesting to see the exact chip number (the X in CH340X).

The hardware id's are for the Nano are: USB/VID_1A86&PID_7523&REV_0264

The driver came with the standard windows 11 install

Looks like a C of a G to me

@sterretje The not cooperating Mega has a CH340G The working Robodyn Mega also has a CH340G. May be I should install the driver you suggested.

I uninstelled the drive and installed it again. Then tested 3 arduino's, the situation was unchanged

In that case, I do not know the solution.

I would possibly look in Windows EventViewer to see if there is any additional information; but that will probably be a long exercise and might not reveal anything.

Revision 0264 will work on USB 3.0 while the older one only work in USB 2.0 ports.

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