Arduino Mega ADK

I didn’t really know which category to put this in so please forgive me if it’s wrong. Okay, so I’m trying to use my arduino mega adk with an android phone and I’m having trouble getting everything on the phone right. I got all of the arduino stuff good, but now I just need to figure out how to make an app for the phone. Do I have to install an app on my phone? Do I use eclipse with adt? Do I even have to make an app? I’ve pretty much looked throught the first and second pages of youtube and google but I really can’t find any information on the internet about how to set it all up. I’ve tried to install the app android demokit but it’s not on google play anymore. All I really want to do is, be able to control the arduino with the phone and object recognition. If I missed any info or specifics please tell/ask me. Thanks in advanced. :slight_smile: