arduino mega and a si4133 microwave PLL

HI all, I am hoping some one might be able to help me out in pointing out how to make a good working library to suit the PLL chips I have been playing with, They have Sdata,Sclk and Senb to me sounds like I2C but might be wrong, looking for some one to sort me out and push me in the right way to do it, and not just hack around.
I would like to make a shield up with all the electronics on it so it will make people projects that need frequencies from about 750 MHz to 1.8 GHz (in the datasheet) real life 2.1GHz, uses in the Amateur Radio world in general Local Oscillator generation, weak signal generation, ideas are end less , change the chip to another PLL that uses I2C and HF well 5- 70 MHz and there are others.

Any way cheers for now.


Looking at the datasheet, the interface to the ASIC is serial, data and clock. On every clock tick the data is placed in the shift register, 22 bit words. Simple bit bang should work just fine. I don't know of a library that can do this for you nor if you can configure any device in the Avr to do it. I curios too.

You can use the shiftOut function, but I dont know how it will work with 22 bit words, ie the last 4 bits.