Arduino mega + ethernet shield + RJ45 shield


i have a question about if the following configuration can work

I recently bought:

  1. Arduino mega 2560

  2. Ethernet shield

3.Breakout Shield Mega

Can i combine this 3 components ? kinda want to obtain this - SuperHouse #25: Rack mount Arduino / MQTT light switch controller for home automation - YouTube


Do you have the capability of completing that project ?

It sounds as if you don't, if you cannot even chose the components you need.

I can finish the project by buying the arduino that has the RJ45 integrated but i don't wanna spend another 70 dollars on that. I'm trying to combine this 3 components that i have

It should work. The only pins that you can't use for general purpose are the SPI pins (MOSI, MISO and SCLK) and the pin SS pin.

See e.g. Ethernet / Ethernet 2 library

so my configuration will look something like in the picture attached.

  1. arduino
  2. ethernet shield on top of arduino
  3. breakout shield on top of ethernet shield

Yep. Be aware that not all pins of your expansion shield will be able to reach the Mega. For that you need to have the order Mega -> expansion -> ethernet.

But in that case connected wires might interfere with the placing of the ethernet shield on top; I suspect that you need flatcable (IDC) connectors but that might also be to high.

Hi Sterretje,

so i started to integrate the 3 components. This is what i have at the moment.

I still need to make a few connection between Arduino and the upper shield but i don’t think i will have a problem.

What do you think ?