Arduino Mega PWM Pins Configuration For Quad Copter

Hey, I hope you all are doing well

I'm building a quadcopter using Arduino mega and Arduino Sensor Shield v4.0

I was trying random configuration but it didn't work out that well now I'm trying to follow this Schematic

I know pins 2-13 and 44-46 are PWM pins on Arduino mega but I couldn't figure out which PWM pins are

connected which later will be used as RC pins.

can you please help me out here?

The picture shows a Nano but you mention a Mega

In any case, if the software treats the ESCs in the quadcopter as servos then you do not need to use PWM pins to drive them.

The picture shows a Nano but you mention a Mega

My nano got fried last week, I only have mega to complete this project.

I'm using Multiwii as the brain for my Mega Flight Controller so do I need to set some orientation for it?

Sorry, but despite flying multirotors I have never used Multiwii, but flight controller software commonly has the ability to change a parameter to allow the flight controller to be placed in any orientation or at least change i in 90 degree steps.