Arduino Mega: USB Device not Recognised

So I recently purchased a clone Arduino Mega 2560 from Elegoo, a company which I have bought from before. In the past I bought 2 arduino Uno clones which work completely fine, but the problem comes with the mega. When I plug it in, windows shows an error saying that the USB Device was not recognised. This happened right out of the box. Any ideas on what could be wrong?

You don't have the right drivers installed.

I can not find a schematic of your board and the installation instructions are not very clear
about the driver that is needed, but look yourself

Although I agree with @Whandall that this can be a driver issue, pictures of the board show a square chip (and not a rectangular one) so that is likely a 16U2.

@creeper_3, compare the chips closest to the USB port and take it from there.

The chip next to the USB port says Mega 16U2 on it, and I assume it is the serial communication chip. Is there an updated driver I can use?

If your Unos use the same chip, it should just work. If your Unos use a different chip, re-installing the driver might work.

The Mega 16U2 presents a VID and PID to the computer, these values select the driver.
So to get a different name of the device and to avoid copyright issues with using Arduinos values,
it is probably not directly seen as a functional identical Arduino 16U2.

My unos use the same Mega 16U2. Should I find the drivers in the arduino files?

Did you try the method described in the manual I linked?

Right. I have figured out what has happened; my arduino did not come with any bootloaders installed from the factory. I burnt them onto both the serial converter and the main processor and now it’s working fine. Thanks for the help!

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