Arduino mega with sim900

it says gsm shield sim900 is compatible with arduino. but is it really compatible with arduino MEGA too ?

if so then should i attach sim900 directly with arduino mega or should i use this method or not? (link below). Since i do not have arduino gsm shield. it is sim900 a third party gsm shield.

my gsm shield sim900:

Thanks for help in advance. I will be thankful if anyone help me out.

Thanks Ibtisam

Yes it works with the Mega2560. I don't have one but I've been coding for someone who does. He is using SIM900 and pin 9 for the on pin and pin 10 for the reset.

I can tell you is that the GSM library blocks code execution, sometimes for almost a minute! So don't expect the GSM begin() function to allow other tasks to run at the same time unless you either use the library differently or fix/rewrite it or run the GSM on a dedicated MCU. Otherwise, come time for GSM to connect and run there will be nothing else going on until it lets there be.

It does work though.